I’m an Actor.

At heart, I’ll always be a performer. I danced as a child and continue to thrive finding myself, back on stage. I love acting – TV, stage and film – and if I’m being honest, anywhere else there’s a camera …sorry, not sorry? (*big teethy smile*)

For headshots, please check out the gallery. If you’d like more information, please visit my IMDB Page for projects or check out the rest of my website for what I may be currently working on.

During Covid, I’ve been developing a project around the first book I wrote (CANELA). I’ve also been taking several acting classes – because I’m always working on that skill/talent to make sure I’m ready for whatever comes next.

PS. I also use my performing and extensive business acumen to help others in various ways: At presenting themselves in all things business such as speaking events, interviews, conferences, etc. Helping creatives become more business oriented, is my secret super power. So, if you have any questions, or need a little advice about the business, please reach out via my contact page! Happy to answer any and all inquiries.