Nickel & Dimed

This was a FANTASTIC summer!  I was in the play Nickel & Dimed at the Hudson Theater. I played four different speaking characters, as well as two other non-speaking roles and it was such a great experience!  Here’s what some of the critics said about the acting:

“…as the slightly fictionalized narrator Barbara, with five actors in multiple roles portraying the various impoverished co-workers and oppressive bosses she encounters during her research…Carmen Lezeth Suarez goes beyond recognizable types to credible characters.” ~The Los Angeles Times, Philip Brandes 

“Each actor had their own memorable ‘spot lit’ moments…my personal favorite … Carmen Lezeth Suarez.” ~The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor 

“…and the cast does put in a decent show, if not astonishing…worth noting was a strong performance by actress Carmen Lezeth Suarez.” ~by, Tracey Paleo 

Video clips of one of my characters Carlie!

Funny Scene:

The monologue that ends the play:

“The ensemble perfectly and so incredibly authentically…portray these workers and toilers in low wage positions, merely trying to make ends meet while raising families. The show, like the book, perfectly reveal the failures, unfairness, and inequities that investigative reporter Ehrenreich reveals of the impact of the 1996 welfare reform act on the working poor. The entire ensemble, from worker to manager, was phenomenal, with acting and range of emotions making for an incredible, top notch production.”, Bonnie Priever 

I had a blast!  And, in case you didn’t notice already:  I love the Theater!


Zachary Barton as Barbara, me as Carlie
Photo by Olivier Riquelme
VC Woodcrest
Veronica Alicino and myself as residents at The Woodcrest
Photo by Olivier Riquelme
Me as Carlie
Photo by Olivier Riquelme
Kennys Salads
Zachary Barton as Barbara, Kathleen Ingle as Gail and myself as Phyllis
Photo by Olivier Riquelme