Doing. Being. Living.

Life always finds a way. . . 

I love that line.  It’s from the movie Jurassic Park.  No big whoop on the movie, but the line, uttered by Dr. Ian Malcolm, has always stuck with me.

I met quite a bunch of people these past few months and interestingly enough they have no idea what an amazing influence they’ve had on the life of this little writer-actor-worker-bee…

This is a simple THANK YOU!

Friends and family will always support you (well, one hopes anyways).  But somewhere along the way you have to reach out, take a leap of faith and see if you really have what it takes to do whatever it is you claim you want to do.  And as much as your friends and family will hoot and holler for you, and be by your side no matter what happens, it’s sometimes the people you don’t know that ultimately unveil a truth you may have never fully understood before.

Hmmm….it wasn’t the analysis of skills, or getting critiqued by strangers that mattered, but actually, taking that first step and jumping off a cliff that was the toughest part.  Finding a stranger catching and cushioning your fall… well, that’s something.  That really means something!

None of these folks are strangers at all nowadays.  Simply, they are friends.

And what have I learned?  Well, for one, that validating your skills and your dreams is something you really have to do for yourself.  But once you’ve come to a decision that you’re worth the gamble, actually deciding to leap IS all the validation you really need.

Who you are and what you’re meant to be, will always struggle to find a way to shine.  But you’ve gotta leap. You’ve gotta take the shot.

So no more  could’ahvs, should’ahvs, would’ahvs.

Now it’s all about:  Doing. Being.  Living.

Life always finds a way.

(Now, have any of my friends seen my Jimmy Choo’s? . . . XXOO…*smile*)

Brand New Day!

Well, I’m certainly back now. . .

Yeah, it took me a little time, but getting away for a bit always does the trick.

But as my good friend always reminds me; “Life is good”.

Yes, yes, it is!

So, now that I’ve spent the last two days developing this new site, I’ll just take a moment to say I’m excited to be back on familiar ground, surrounded by brilliant folk and really excited  to blog more often, to update on all things “career”-wise,  and  to basically do anything else that fancies my little brain from time to time.

I’d also like to give a shout out to my friend Brian!  Thank you for all your help with EVERYTHING.  You have been a great and wonderful addition to my life and, well… you know the rest!  🙂

Happy Thursday.