CARMENISMS: Off My Game Update – Distractions The Gist: After the week of the horrible "interview", I got another chance, another shot -- and it turned out brilliantly!  Remember that we're all human.  Sometimes we make mistakes, but it happens, and the trick is figuring out, once you fall, how to get back up!  Also be careful of distractions.  You may … Continue reading CARMENISMS: Off My Game Update – Distractions

Carmenisms: Happiness Bandaids?

  The Gist: *Force yourself to smile *Put on some music *Hang out with happy kids   The Links: What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong   Happy, Pharrell Williams   Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole   The Recognition: Fabian at Equi, for asking the question Lil’Julie for always making me enjoy … Continue reading Carmenisms: Happiness Bandaids?