Tell Someone Today — PLEASE!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my dear friend Richard Johnson’s unexpected passing.  In his memory, I’m asking that if you’re reading this post, please reach out to someone today and tell them that you love them.  It’s not that life is short, but, that life is precious.  People are precious.  Friends, family, loved ones, precious.  And in honor of Richard’s remarkable life, I’d like to always remember my own true purpose:  to love and be loved – as authentically as possible.  Hug someone today. Love someone today.  “Stay beautiful and know you’re always somebody important to me.”


Simple: My House My Rules

The way I see it, my website is my home on the web.  My Facebook page:  also my home – maybe more a “vacation” home if you will, but my space nonetheless.

I invite everyone to come in and visit. Feel free to stay awhile.  You’re welcomed to visit any room/page, look at what I consider my art, take a seat, lounge around a bit and even interact with some of my other friends and family I’ve also invited.  But, make no mistake, whether it be my actual physical space in California, or my “home”  here online,  I will not tolerate disrespect.

I don’t care who you ARE or who you THINK you are.  In my home, whether it be online or my physical space, everyone is treated exactly the same – with respect and dignity.  And trust me, if your argument starts with, “Do you know who I am…”  in my world, you’ve already lost the case and my attention.

Don’t get me wrong, you can disagree. You can criticize and argue your point. Discussions and debates are encouraged.  And criticism doesn’t bother me at all.  For those of you who don’t actually know me, I’ve been a performer my whole life – criticism comes with the territory.  But being mean and crass just doesn’t fly here on my website or any place I call home.

A lack of manners or lack of etiquette will get you deleted from my space.   If you don’t like what you see or WHO you see here, then by all means, either keep your mouth shut, or simply click away.  Yes, I have friends of all colors, ethnicity and backgrounds.  My friends are wealthy, poor, celebrity and not, some wanna-be’s, some gay, some straight, some democrats, republicans and whole bunch in-between.  I am the luckiest person I know to have such wealth and abundance of friends.  My goodness I can’t even believe I’m admitting this, but I even have some friends who just don’t vote!  But my friends are my friends and I am fierce and loyal and I will not tolerate any disrespect towards them in any of  my homes either.

There’s something to that old adage:  “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  But, if you feel the burning desire to share because you disagree with something I’ve said or something someone else has said, then I suggest you watch your tone.  How you say something is just as important as WHAT you say.  Make your argument but beware  manners, etiquette and tone are paramount to being heard.  And they are the only way in my home that you will be allowed to state your case.

I have no problem using my delete/block or erase button (and by the way, neither should you).   People who actually know me will tell you that I’d just as easily kick you out of my physical space too.  I may look and sound real sweet, but understand my TONE right now:  I wouldn’t need anyone else’s help to kick your ass to the curb.  Trust me.

My house, my rules.