Man Hands. . .

Just touching base because you guys are the coolest to wonder about where I’ve been!  I promise in February to try and write something fantastically interesting, or maybe not, but I promise to write something nonetheless!

I hope you’re all enjoying the New Year so far and that it’s treating you as brilliantly as it’s been treating me!

Cheers & One Love,


Beso 2010!

Aah!  It was a great year!

I know, the conventional wisdom is to kiss off the current year and look forward to the new.  But I have to say  2010 might have just been one of my best years EVAH! And honestly, I’m a little sad to see it go.   But, as always, I’m ready, willing and oh, so intrigued by what’s next!

Truth is, every day, every minute, can be a fresh new start, a fresh new possibility – we don’t really need a calendar year change to feel a breath of possibility.

But, it sure does help!

So here’s to wishing you all a fantastic “final days” of the mighty 2010!

Cheers for a beautiful and brilliant new year!

Peace, love and all that good stuff!