Tell Someone Today — PLEASE!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my dear friend Richard Johnson’s unexpected passing.  In his memory, I’m asking that if you’re reading this post, please reach out to someone today and tell them that you love them.  It’s not that life is short, but, that life is precious.  People are precious.  Friends, family, loved ones, precious.  And in honor of Richard’s remarkable life, I’d like to always remember my own true purpose:  to love and be loved – as authentically as possible.  Hug someone today. Love someone today.  “Stay beautiful and know you’re always somebody important to me.”


My Friend Richard. . .

I lost my dear best friend this weekend. Unexpected. And although he would be quite annoyed with me for posting this, if you knew Richard Johnson at all, you’d know, he’d like that I loved him enough not to care how annoyed he’d be! He was a good soul. A great friend. Call your loved ones, remind them how much you love them. May you rest in sweet peace Richard.