The Grammy’s 2012 Quick Review

The Grammy’s last night were…okay. What surprised me was how amazing the country stars were to ME.  I’m not a country music fan most days – okay, any day!  So I was amazed to catch myself singing or mumbling along to Taylor Swift – a song I don’t know – and then, enjoying a little Glenn Campbell  (which in all fairness I should admit, to this day, I’m still made fun of by some old school folk from the ‘hood for loving “Rhinestone Cowboy” as a little girl.  It’s a great song, what can I say?).  But I found myself enjoying the Country Music stars more than the pop/hip hop artist. Is something wrong with me?  Probably.

And then of course, there was Adele. Lovely.  Magnificent.  Perfect. And like the country stars, no bells and whistles, no over-the-top sets and productions filled with over-synthesized voices – pure, pure talent.

Sweet Jennifer Hudson had the awful task of paying homage to Ms. Whitney Houston.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I will say this:  Jennifer Hudson, award-winning fierce and powerful talent stumbled through this piece – clearly with emotions in her belly, her voice weighed down with sadness – if she couldn’t do the job the way she wanted to, why does anyone else think for one moment, they would have done any better?  This is a talented and brilliant singer – and my heart bled for her last night before she took the stage.  What a tough moment for her.  And although she was able to pull it off – obviously, this was also too monumental a task to ask of anyone.  One love to Ms. Hudson. An “A” for effort, and an “A+” for courage.

The Greatest Love of All

There are moments that you remember, that change your way of thinking, that change the trajectory of where you were going.  For me, Whitney Houston’s rendition of The Greatest Love of All was one of those moments.  To this day, I shed a tear easily when I reflect back on how this moved me, altered how I felt about myself, kept me going as a kid.  Even today, when I’m feeling low, I recite the words and if I can, I play this song, this version and I’m always inspired.

The power to do that — the power to touch a life like that with your gift,  is so mysterious to me.   I pray I use my talents and gifts just as brilliantly.  Thank you Whitney Houston.  May you rest in peace.