Testimonials about all of my work.

On my work Advising: “I’d never have found the courage to make a major career change without the advise from Carmen Suarez. Thanks to her amazing insight into the acting business, I was able to snag new leading commercial and theatrical representation! I knew exactly what questions to ask and which tricks to look out for.”

~ Serafina Polite, Actress


On my book CANELA:  “You write like Hemingway:  every word true to the bare bone of the fact of how you experienced.  COMPELLING! And You write like the determined practitioner of dance with  a rifle twirling in your hands.  Pushing limits and finding the way to connect to your audience. US.”

~ Steve Cadwell, Artist, Poet, Musician, Performer, Psychotherapist


On my Speaking Events: “From the moment I spoke with Carmen, I knew she would be a great speaker for our students to hear from and feel connected to. Carmen has this genuine spirit and immediately connected with each of our students. She effortlessly build a connection with them and made everyone in the room feel comfortable and as one. So many girls left inspired by her experiences and most importantly by her kind-hearted and authentic spirit. We hope to have her here again!”

~Wilmaris Soto-Ramos, Social Worker, Roxbury Prep


On my Speaking Events: “From the second Carmen walked in she held such a phenomenal presence in the room. The girls who often are weary of newcomers immediately felt comfortable with her presence. Carmen was able to relate to the girls and ensure that every story she told was relevant to them. The girls were able to see that while she came from a similar background to them in some ways, she was able to achieve such great success by following her dreams.”

~Joclyn Belanger, Science Teacher, Roxbury Prep


On my book CANELA: “…It was a fantastic read! I found every story, every character, every page extremely engaging. You have a real gift for not only telling stories, but for communicating the deeper meaning and impact behind them. I really got a sense of who you are…helping and inspiring others through your creative talents is definitely an area of proficiency for you…”

-L. Velasquez, Firefighter, TX

On my book CANELA: “Fantastic!!  …Your survival and successes are so impressive and a story so worth telling.”

-T. Minkler, Principal, FS Management


On my book CANELA: “Your attention to detail and fluid style made this an easy read…I truly laughed, cried, and remembered – a lot…Truly amazing. You’re amazing.”

~S. Knight, Senior Acct Exec., Financial Recovery Technologies


On my book CANELA: “You have made so much of your life, and it is a special gift that you are sharing it with the world…”

~J. Bamford, VP Thomson Reuters


On my work Advising: “Carmen did an excellent job and was an asset to our office. She was extremely organized with excellent communication skills, developing rapport with many people in different fields of work. She reorganized my office, then using innovative methods streamlined procedures…I enthusiastically recommend Carmen for your organization.”

~ Arlene Rosen, President, Michael’s House


On my work Advising: “Wow is the only way I can describe the way that you helped bring clarity to my thoughts about a tough time in my life and the journey ahead. Your innate ability to quickly drill down to the root of the problem and then show me ways that I could help understand where I was and what I needed to do to improve my quality of life was quite amazing.  After simply talking with you my thoughts about the problems I was facing turned from despair and negativity into hope and you helped me find ways to bring about a positive change…”

~ William O’Malley, Professional Consultant, Engineer


On my work performing: “…as the slightly fictionalized narrator Barbara, with five actors in multiple roles portraying the various impoverished co-workers and oppressive bosses she encounters during her research…Carmen Lezeth Suarez goes beyond recognizable types to credible characters.” 

~The Los Angeles Times, Philip Brandes


On my work performing: “Each actor had their own memorable ‘spot lit’ moments…my personal favorite … Carmen Lezeth Suarez.”

~The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor 


On my work performing: “…and the cast does put in a decent show, if not astonishing…worth noting was a strong performance by actress Carmen Lezeth Suarez.”

~by GiaOnTheMove.com, Tracey Paleo 

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