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My Philosophy

“…when you know better, you do better.”  ~Maya Angelou 

This quote has been so profound for me personally and professionally that I bring the concept to every speaking event and business conversation I participate in.  Whether I’m speaking to college students here in Los Angeles or meeting with executives from one of the top investment firms in the country, the truth is mistakes will happen. But how we learn, adapt and recover from those mistakes always determines our overall success. More importantly, learning never to make the same mistake again cements the idea that you’ll always do better when you know better.

I come to this conversation with a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective because of my unconventional background and unique style with the sole purpose of sharing my experiences and making you and your organization betterbetter than it used to be.


My Presentation

 Generally, I am brought into an organization or called by an individual to specifically address a perceived problem that is presenting itself. I am always interested in discussing what your organization needs and will tailor my conversation to suit or include that subject matter.

Based on my book CANELA, I am currently leading two separate conversations that circle around the theme of when you know better, you do better, specifically on the topics of Choices and Mentoring.

How do we make choices? Do we understand the consequences of those choices? Do we know what to do when we’ve made the wrong choice?  And, what do we do when we’ve made the right choice and failed anyways? Understanding what revolves around making any choice, helps us to better grasp the end results when they occur, making any choice a learning moment and a positive experience. Informed choices and understanding the consequences of those choices is how I “made it” through my childhood.  

*This talk works for both groups and individuals -students, staff, employees, executives, etc. 

A second discussion I conduct involves the idea of Mentoring.  It’s important to understand that whether we realize it or not, most days, if we’re interacting in any way with another human being, we are influencing that person. How do we ensure that we’re always influencing people positively?  How do we harness that power to lift people up and not to put people down? Do we truly understand the opportunity available to change someone’s life for the better?

An unexpected revelation since the release of my book is that the adults around me who changed the trajectory of my childhood had no idea that they were doing it. That’s profound. Imagine if we understood, embraced our influence on others? My current success can easily be tied to my interactions with my mentors who had no idea how much they were influencing me daily. Most of the people in my book, were surprised to realize how their simple acts “moved me through” to my success. This is an important part of who we are to each other, and where we need to get back to as a society.  

*This conversation works perfectly in small or large group settings and is intended for all audiences. 


An Investment 

I’ve worked with both businesses and individuals from high school to high level executives running major national firms. Regardless of the group I’m speaking too, my preference and style lends favorably to having conversations in a setting where we may have some interactions before, during and after the speaking event.  Depending on your specific organization or individual needs, we can work together to tailor the event appropriately to maximize the best outcome.

Speaker Fee:                           Based on Event

Travel Fee:                              Fully Reimbursed

Hotel Accommodation:        Fully Reimbursed

Transportation                      Fully Reimbursed

Meals & Gratuity                   N/A

Bonus Personal Appearance  Included, if within same day, separate fee per day thereafter

50% deposit required to reserve a calendar date. 50% remaining due 14 days prior to event date.

In the event there are any changes in the program date made by you, “the client”, the deposit sum will be retained and applied to any future presentations or advising assignment for up to one year from the date we, “the adviser/speaker”, were notified of the change.  In addition, if the change is made within 30 days of the program date, client shall be responsible for reimbursing all costs incurred related to the presentation, most notably, any flight and hotel arrangements that cannot easily be cancelled. 


A Final Thought

Thank you for taking the time to walk through this detailed information. I look forward to hopefully working with you or your organization in the near future.  I’ll leave you with this quote by Maya Angelou that sums up why I do what I do:

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~Maya Angelou



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