With over 20+ years of experience working as an Executive in Business and always an Artist at heart, Carmen shares her unconventional journey from her childhood missteps to her brilliant success as a young adult through her book CANELA. Using a unique stylized method of story-telling, and an “informal conversation”, Carmen speaks at various events, organizations, schools and businesses talking on issues of personal empowerment, personal responsibility, and teaching us how to dream, succeed and persevere by imagining beyond our current circumstance.

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Recent Speaking Event Topics:

*Choices and Consequences and How to be Successful Anyways. “Perseverance”

*Code Switching: Why It Works.  “The Positive”

*Management: The Problem is Never What You Think.  “A Different Perspective” 

*Who We Think We Are, Who We Can Be & How To Get There. “Authenticity” 

*White, Black and Grey. Navigating Daily Life. “True Beauty In Color

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90 Minute Workshop

Keynote Address

Half-Day Seminar: (up to 3 Hours)

Full-Day Seminar: (up to 6 Hours)

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