My book has launched on as both an e-book (free) and the paperback.


After losing her mother at a young age, and never having known her father, Carmen is left to fend for herself in the unforgiving inner-city neighborhoods of Boston. Alone in a world not yet comfortable with skin color, Carmen’s complexion sets her apart from the Spanish kids, the Black kids, and the White kids. She finds friendship in unlikely places—a mute Vietnam vet who becomes her protector, a gang leader who fights to save her life, an inmate who keeps her out of prison, a football player who teaches her to deal with her feelings. With a fierce determination to be accepted and achieve on her own terms, Carmen learns that the best choices are not always the most obvious ones.


Canela is a gripping work about the early life of a young girl who survives the tough challenges of growing up on the streets of Boston.  It’s a story about the power of connecting with each other, the impact we have, and how the people we meet can change who we are, and where we may go.

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Currently working on the second part of this project.