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Being Alone On Thanksgiving All About The Joy

In this episode, I tackle being alone on Thanksgiving. So many of us struggle during the holidays and it's time we take a moment and change our perspective on what we can do and what this time can mean if we're willing to try and be more optimistic about it all.  I also mention some movies (Limitless and Wakanda Forever) that you might want to check out at some point. And, yes, I mentioned I'd like to send you to my blog post — where I also wrote about the subject of being alone on Thanksgiving a few days ago. Support the showAs always, thank you for stopping by. Please visit my YouTube page and add, like and share. I would appreciate that greatly. Also, if you want to find me anywhere on social media, please check out my link in bio page. One of my mantra's is a paraphrase from Maya Angelou, "When we know better, we do better." Thanks again for stopping by.
  1. Being Alone On Thanksgiving
  2. Authentic Power is Based on Respect – Anything Else is Not Real Power
  3. Change the Trajectory of Your Company Without Firing Everyone – For All the Elon Musks' Out There This One's for You
  4. Knowing The Foundation of Any Company
  5. The Signs – How To Analyze Them
  6. Stop Networking. Do This Instead.
  7. What's In A Name – Part of Networking
  8. How To Get Through Difficulties – Sharing Tricks of the Trade
  9. An Apology and What I Do
  10. How We Communicate and Network