Genius: Benedict Cumberbatch

There's so much "stuff"  going on right now with the death of Eric Garner, the Torture Report, etc. that I just wanted something positive to share. So here goes some happiness I've been enjoying lately!  I hope you find some joy in it too!  (transcription below video if you prefer) (Video Loosely Transcribed) I … Continue reading Genius: Benedict Cumberbatch

CARMENISMS: Off My Game Update – Distractions The Gist: After the week of the horrible "interview", I got another chance, another shot -- and it turned out brilliantly!  Remember that we're all human.  Sometimes we make mistakes, but it happens, and the trick is figuring out, once you fall, how to get back up!  Also be careful of distractions.  You may … Continue reading CARMENISMS: Off My Game Update – Distractions