#30 Days Trying to Find Joy Challenge – Day 9

March 13th, 2020   Friday 8:05pm   – Facebook, Video, Unexpected Kindness

Well, today’s joy came unexpectedly. I posted a video on my facebook page thinking I might be able to help a few people who find themselves unexpectedly working from home, but actually, people reached out to me and ended up helping me.  Kindness really is a thing! 

Here’s what I posted:

“Social Distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.” Please take good care of yourselves and yes, be kind. Here’s my few minutes of advice. Hugs y’all.

We will get through this, together.

Hugs and much to everyone!


#30 Days Trying to Find Joy Challenge – Day 5

Sunday, March 9, 2020 9:07pm  – Traffic Cop, Ralphs, and Kindness

After working with one of my clients today I went to the grocery store and the parking lot of jam-packed with cars. As I sat there about to watch a fight break out because no one would let the other pass, I just jumped out my car and played traffic cop!  To my surprise everyone paid attention and followed my direction.  As cars passed me by, almost every car thanked me for taking charge and moving everyone along. 

For me, this was an amazingly joyful moment.  Not while it was happening, I didn’t even realize it really till I got in my own car and was able to get on my way – but it was joyful to realize we can all DO SOMETHING if we just take a breath during a stressful moment and think about what we can do to fix it instead of adding to the turmoil. 

We’re in stressful times.  I believe more than normal. Our country is divided politically. We have a government that feels dysfunctional. We’re all dealing with our own personal dramas on top of having to cope with the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

I know, I know, this will sound so hokey – but please just try and be kind. If you can swing it, try and be helpful.  And if you can really muster it – say thank you to those that do, you know, jump out of their cars and start playing traffic cop to help move us all along! 

Okay – yeah, I just patted myself on the back. But you know, today was a good day! I deserve it! 

Happy evening my friends.


PS. If you’re on TikTok, please let me know. I’d love to follow each other (You can find me under my handle – @carmenlezeth). I’m just starting out and have no followers so, we’d be learning it together! Below is today’s post:

Some advice for those of you working from home during this virus issue.

Real Power

Somebody posted a comment the other day about “power”.  It had me thinking about people who have real power. 

When I think about power, I consider people like Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey or someone like JK Rowling – there are others in different industries of course, like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates… we can go down the list of people, but the point is, I doubt these people ever walk around telling others how powerful they are…

That’s what I saw on this post on social media yesterday that got me thinking about what is real power

Simply, if you have to tell people how powerful you are, then you probably aren’t that powerful. 

People who have real power or authentic power are people who understand their influence and realize the responsibility that comes with being someone who can impact others so easily.   

I doubt very much that their goal was ever to be powerful.  I feel that being powerful is most likely a byproduct of who someone is in the world and can never be an actual goal.  People with REAL power tend to be people who inspire and uplift others. They know who THEY are, they know their strengths and most likely understand their weaknesses and therefore always open to learning something new.

To me, real power is a very elusive thing. It’s different from being a leader or wealthy. It actually has nothing to do with your title or standing.  Real power has everything to do with how others view YOU and nothing to do with what you can control. 

Hmmm. Just something I’ve been thinking about. Here’s the video I made before my run yesterday that got me thinking….


Share Your Story

I thought I’d play a little bit with video posting this time around.  The gist: I encourage everyone to tell their story.  When you do something from your heart, you just never know how it will manifest.  For me, I’m starting on a new journey, speaking with different groups about my book CANELA.  I met with students in Boston this past week — and I’m a better person for hanging out and sharing some stories with these amazing kids!  I learned so much!  They really are going to rule the world! So grateful.

Here’s a little quick video clip I made yesterday morning…