Share Your Story

I thought I’d play a little bit with video posting this time around.  The gist: I encourage everyone to tell their story.  When you do something from your heart, you just never know how it will manifest.  For me, I’m starting on a new journey, speaking with different groups about my book CANELA.  I met with students in Boston this past week — and I’m a better person for hanging out and sharing some stories with these amazing kids!  I learned so much!  They really are going to rule the world! So grateful.

Here’s a little quick video clip I made yesterday morning…


Inner View

As I lay on the cool grass looking up towards the greyish blue sky… I see something.  It’s slowly falling — dancing in the quiet still air.

Is it a feather? A petal?  A piece of something?  Maybe clothing or paper?  I can’t tell.  It’s small enough to not really see, but big enough to believe.

The wind slightly makes itself known.  The piece skips a step and then tumbles perfectly into a new position…a newer journey, perhaps?  What grace this dancer-of-sorts has.  Nothing deters its simple waltz across the early morning sky. If anything, it seems to embrace a spectators’ spirit to be even more impressive.

Respecting the Pushers

The Gist:

Respecting the people who push us in our lives.

The Links:

Does your friend, spouse, co-worker, family member or other support person,  have a website, Twitter account, facebook page? Go there and give a nice shout out to the people that push you along when you need it most!

The Recognition:

My friend Peter who walked me through all my silliness yesterday and forced me to do what I didn’t want to do.  Very  tre cool.  And now I owe him lunch  (it’s in writing Peter!).

Shot with a Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera