46 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Love this whiteboard video! Very creative! And I just finished your book! That’s how I find this site once I got to the end. I could so see your story as a movie. It would be awesome. And you could play yourself! LOL.

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  2. Carmen, ✨You are AMAZING and GRACED.
    I love your BIO. It’s Brilliant!
    You have been awakened with a very
    Quick & Motivational mind & enlightened Spirit!
    I BELIEVE in Your Abilities and Truths.
    We share the admiration of some
    Of the Best ~ Shakespeare & Maya Angelo
    May You continue to know your Thoughts
    Are very REAL leading to your Actions,
    Character and Destiny. Keep going in the
    Write direction. We will meet again.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your innovative and imaginative bio video and now a lot about you and remember it all too! Very clever my dear. I am in the dusty desert in Las Vegas now but want to return to southern California where I feel most at home for a million reasons-almost. I can’t wait to meet you one day. Meeting stellar individuals like you is why I created my sites on WordPress and exactly what I hoped would happen when I created the site nearly a decade ago. Now nearly 100 countries are following it monthly and I am elated you are one of my favorite followers.

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      • Just to let you know that I’ve ordered Canela this morning on french amazon….glad to receive it on Friday and attacking it with a fine glass of scotch and a fine cigar👌.
        I’ll let you know more later on once I’ve finished Canela, scotch and cigar…hmmm😬

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        • Jean-Claude! That is so kind of you — but now I’m very scared! I look forward to your thoughts on it though. I had no idea you could purchase it outside the states, but I’m so glad you can! I’m not sure why I thought otherwise, but…

          Scotch and a cigar and my book. That is hilarious! And some how, very cool. Thank you.



            • I wish I could hug you right now. Thank you so much for taking the time and reading it, buying it — I can’t explain how much it means to me. I am so happy you enjoyed it. I love that it surprised you. That fascinates me. I am truly in a place of joy right now. Thank you for making my day. xo.


  4. Now that I know how to comment!!!, I can say how much I loved this when first saw it wayyyy back when. May your heart always overflow with that inside job, called JOY!!
    You definitely ignited mine! ❤

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  5. This is the most delightful bio presentation that I’ve ever seen, Carmen!
    I came across a comment you made on Otto von Münchow’s blog, and that’s how I got here.

    All the best from Santiago…

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