The Gist:

Try and go out of your way today and notice someone, acknowledge someone. The trippy thing is, it’ll make YOU feel so good!

The Links:

The Police, Every Breath You Take  

Sinead O’Connor, Nothing Compares 2U

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody 

John Lennon, Imagine

The Recognition:

Fabulous lady at the Bagel shop working her make-up magic!

Shot with a Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera

CARMENISMS: Notice Someone Today

6 thoughts on “CARMENISMS: Notice Someone Today

  1. I agree with you completely Carmen. As “House-like” judgmental as I am in my head and, to some extent, on my blog, I almost never focus that blade on people I encounter out in the world. The reason is simple: outside is a shared space, and everyone is dragging around baggage that others can’t even begin to understand. The easiest way to navigate through such a maze is with kindness – the ultimate “social” lubricant! 🙂

    BTW, I saw some parts of a Biography channel thing on Queen the other day that was just wonderful, and “We Will Rock You” is actually playing in the background of the baseball game I’m watching! 😀


    • I love that! The Ultimate Social Lubricant! You should write a blog post about THAT! 😉

      I love, love, love Queen! I think I’ve seen that biography — I’d watch it again though! Great Idea! Thanks.



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