Summer Vibe Check

Simple post today. What’s been your favorite part of summer so far? For me, as of today, hanging out with my niece, watching one of our favorite superheroes in the movie

Thor: Love and Thunder.

We had so much fun! We had lunch, laughed so hard and perfected our secret funny handshake. Aaah, it really is the little things!

No matter what you may be going through in this moment at work or in life, try and remember a recent pleasant moment from this summer. Hopefully, it makes you smile and changes your day for the better.

6 thoughts on “Summer Vibe Check

  1. I’m with you – I LOVE summer. Glad to hear that movie is so good too. Don’t know if I’ll get to see it before it hits the small screen but either way – I’m looking forward to it!

    A couple of days ago I was out for a walk here in Toronto. Off in the distance I could see the bright sun glinting off buildings, and you could see the heat haze rising. Felt like heaven, frankly.

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    • ooooohhhh.. that is a sweet image! The “bright sun glinting off the buildings…” — I love that. It’s the beauty of nature in the cityscape. Brilliant! That does sound heavenly.

      Don’t watch the latest Thor with any preconceived notions at all — so many critics hated it that when Julie and I went to see it — we had such low expectations! But honestly, it was perfect, because we just got to enjoy it without all the drama about why “critics” thought it didn’t work. Honestly, people really take themselves too seriously. It was just a funny superhero move and if you go into it light-hearted, you’ll enjoy it too.

      Aaah… I do love summer! Hugs Wolfie. 💕

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  2. That’s a such a great film and I would have to put that near the top of my highlights. Being able to be outside a lot is perhaps my big number 1 although it’s getting a bit too hot here now.
    Keep smiling 🙂

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    • I absolutely loved Thor Love and Thunder — and dare I say it: more than Ragnarok? They were both great and just MCU fun! Sorry it’s getting a bit too hot… yes, keep smiling Simon! 🤗


  3. For me, summer has opened the great outdoors for me to walk more than 10,000 steps each day and not have to worry about frigid conditions or snow falling on my head.
    I usually go to the gym to get my steps in during the winter months, but walking on the streets of my hometown allows me to see some of my neighbors and smile while wishing them to have a good day!
    Plus: “Hot dog, summer in the city. Back of my neck gettin’ dirty and gritty!”

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